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Umi's rapier

"A sword made as a part of a set alongside the blade of Ukko, this one representing the God of the moon and stars, Umi. Both the rapier, which is a hybrid of a rapier and a backsword, manufactured as per the preference of its recipient, and the sheath boast craftsmanship of the highest degree. The rapier was intended for the lady of the governor of the grand seat of the capitol, but due to events unforeseen, this blade was never delivered. Shortly after finishing this piece, the blacksmith seemingly disappeared from public knowledge leaving his home, from where this weapon was found, covered in a blanket of dust.

The blade itself is made from moon metals, mainly silver and sharpened blue crystals and inlaid jewels. It appears as if to cut the air itself as it releases a sharp ringing noise when swung through the air. At daytime, the blade bears a dull coloration, but at night, it reflects the light of the sun and moon beautifully, almost appearing brighter at night than during the day."