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Brambling crags

"Have you heard of the woods that carry our visage. There once was, or perhaps still is, a group of naturalists known as the grafters, and as you could imagine from their name, and sometimes names are quite straightforward and self describing, they were known for their ability to graft trees to fit their whims. Their work is evident if one happens to stumble upon them in some bramble somewhere, wooden statues not carved but grown, seeming so perfect that you'd think the trees themselves had grown the way they have out of their own volition. Indeed, their respect for the material they worked with seems to allow their works to appear so ethereal, a play between the living wood and the will of the artist combining to create a canvas that is both wild and carefully designed.

Of course, when I look upon them, I cannot help but to consider that what kind of people these grafters were, how did they do their work? Did they even exist, or is this a strange quirk of nature, or a play of the gods or spirits. Perhaps the grafters are some divine beings of the forest themselves. But above that rises the question of 'why?'. Why were these figures made here, were they made as a warning? As an monument of awe or just merely skill. In the waning sunlight of the day, the figures seem almost threatening, eerie as they loom above, their purpose and designers perhaps forever left into the unknown."