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Nether armor

"Possibly the most demanding invocation of dark matter is channeling enough of it that it covers the caster entirely, becoming an imitation of the beasts from the nether. As dark matter cannot be interacted with ordinary weapons or matter, it renders the channeler practically invulnerable for the duration of the invocation. Depending on the skill of the invoker, the spell may last from a minute to almost an hour, afterwards leaving them in a stunned and dazed state, sometimes for several hours. As the spell is so demanding, it has a chance of causing permanent mind paralysis or insanity if attempted by inexperienced sorcerers. Due to its demanding nature even experienced sorcerers refrain from using this invocation as it may have permanent consequences even to the most stable of minds. Therefore some may just threaten to use the invocation and get the results they want, without ever really intending to do it as this is a spell one should only invoke after careful consideration."