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Approaching the peak

"I can't see the peak anymore, after the last climb I swore the peak was just right ahead, but now it seems so far away again. This place does strange things to your senses. However, I cannot become anxious or desperate, it is a slow climb and there may be more plateaus like this so I'll just have to take it slow, one step after the other, one, two, three. I can feel the wind beginning to pick up again, I may have to find some shelter before moving on, as here the wind and the little ice crystals feel like tiny knives slashing at my face. I don't know why but I constantly feel sleepy and tired here in the mountains, constantly feeling like I want to take a rest. Besides all that, I just have to keep calm and move towards my goal, even if it is at a such an arduous and slow pace, but I will get there. Eventually. I could also die, but that is important to accept as a possibility, more over it is important to refuse to allow that to happen."