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Desolate in the wastes

"Among the misty atmosphere of the aftermath of the forest fires floats a lonely figure. A woodland sprite, a creature that appears only during the time after the devastation of a forest. They are born from a woodland spirit, which guards the forest, but once the thicket is destroyed, the spirit dies with it. Before the spirit dies, it sees in a nightmare its forest without any trees or plants, a waste devoid of anything living. But in this nightmare it also sees a tiny sprite, a sprite from which new life swells and sprouts. The nightmare ends in this vision of regrowth, and from this dream the sprite is born.

With sorrow, the sprite wanders the remains of the forest for ten days. After ten days new life begins to show in the forest, from old tree trunks trees begin to grow, the black and gray begin to give way to green. With this transformation taken place, the sprite disappears into the plants, eventually becoming the spirit of these woods."