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Point of power

"Points of power are areas in the world where magic seeps from within the planet. These places can be exploited by those with the inclination and talent in the magic arts. However after being exhausted the magic properties of these areas are gone, leading many to believe magic is a finite resource. Some will use the resources in these places more moderately, opting to drain the magic from them in a more steady and slow fashion, some hungry with power instead ravage these places, consuming all of the the magic from them instantaneously. Those who have done so, are often easy to recognize by the third eye of Siigun, which forms onto those who have had copious amounts of magic course through them. Those who have this condition will find most to be very leery around them as it is a sign of what they are capable of and what they may become. many spellcasting communes see the third eye of Siigun as a warning of delving too deep into the nether for magic and being close to losing oneself."