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Trusted friends and workers

"Throughout the history of the northern dragonoids the striders have been an important part of their culture. Their usually timid and unassuming nature which can be hardened to withstand even the stress of battle has made them a mainstay in nearly all households, as both workers and dear friends. Their usual habitats are the wet lowlands during seasons when the ice has not frozen them solid, after which they would migrate to the more forested highlands. The males bear distinct orange chests that extend down to their bellies, while the females lack such coloration and tend to be thoroughly white. They are strictly herbivorous and are among the largest creatures in the lowlands, which likely is the reason why they are not extremely wary of the dragonoids, whose heads, when standing upright, usually only come up to the top of their backs. Among their distinct thick coat, they possess legs which are quite long and slender, which they use to wade through the wetlands in search of nutritious berries and herbs, growing on the lively moats. This feature makes them excellent steeds for navigating the several spanning wetlands that circle and envelop the northern territories.

The call of the striders is a sort of a low wail, that most closely resembles a long sorrowful moan that a dragonoid would make that is then mixed with the hoot of an owl. Due to this a group of northern striders is sometimes called a "mourning". If one hears a mourning of striders wailing excessively, it is said to precede unfortunate and unlucky events for the one hearing their calls. This has lead to some believe that the striders are not harbingers of misfortune, but to possess some special connection to the gods. This perhaps is alluded by, the tale that they were placed into the northern territories by Maahi, the deity of the wild, as a sign of grace to Lasahea, the first albino to set foot in the north and the progenitor of the northerners, who also is believed to have rode a strider through the northern territories.

While the meat of striders is perfectly edible, most northern dragonoids do not eat them out of respect and may view this act as a sort of a taboo, for as previously stated, they are oftentimes seen as friends more than means of labor or sources of food. Many will frequently shear them, however, as their coats grow back quite fast when sheared and also provide excellent material for the traditional long robes that the northerners wear as their daily garments."