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Northern dragonoid warden

"Northern dragonoids are for the most part a peaceful race as they inhabit an area in the world which is hostile and unattractive which had lead them to be able to live without any major interruptions from the other races. As technology as societies progressed the the races began to mingle and some of the northern dragonoids villages turned into wealthy cities through trade. Normally the dragonoids rely on the hunters and able bodied members of their villages in the rare cases where they need to be defended. Because of the conception of larger hubs of commerce, the guarding and social trouble solving was transferred to experienced hunters and socially talented individuals of the society.

The wardens are immediately recognizable inside the cities with their striking thick cloaks and uniquely shaped spears which they carry with them. The thick cloaks are an important part of the northern dragonoid culture as well as provide protection from the elements as well as blades and arrows."