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" Report of missing property

Property of 2 wagons and 6 hired men were reported lost by one of the seven men hired to work the wagons. The sole returnee said that while out hunting they had found three werewolves in the forest which seemed sickly and weak. The wolves put up little resistance as they were slain and captured to be delivered for burning. With them they were also carrying three deer carcasses. While staying overnight in the forest, there was strange noises coming from the wagon with the wolves in it. The survivor told one of the other men to go check the wagon. Somehow the wolves had resurrected as one being and immediately mauled that man. The men tried to strike it with their weapons, but it seemed to have no effect. The surviving man had ran once they had seen the second person get killed by it.

Resolution: The man will be held accountable for the loss of property and the relatives of the missing men shall not be compensated due to hunting dangerous beasts not being a