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Red streaks

Snub nosed beach lizards, also known as red streaks by sailors who can see their vividly red fins glide across the water surface, creating a stark contrast with the surrounding blue waters. They are a mostly carnivorous category of large lizards that live on small deserted islands or tropical coastlines around the continents near the equator. Their habitats include the beaches and the shallow and deep waters that surround said beaches, sometimes they may wander inland to the tropical forests, however those snub noses are a sub-category of the red streaks. Young red streaks spend majority of their time on land, either by hiding in the sand of the beaches or inside burrows made by their parents for them. Young red streaks have more pale scales and lack the deep redness in their fins and the bright yellow on their underbellies. The darkening of their scales and the color change in their fins is a sign of passage from an adolescent to an adult.