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" This place, which seems to have perhaps been a prison of sorts before, carved high up on the mountain. Its bars rusted away long ago, no more servicing as a very good jail for anything. Strange, how this feature seems to be the only thing that remains in this landscape that seems to have been created by hand, this one lonely hole in the rock and nothing else. Perhaps this place was larger before, but as I sit here, it does not seem to extend much farther back from its entrance. The peculiarity of its location makes me question its purpose, however, and what may have been kept here. One theory that springs to mind is that this cave previously extended much farther and it was made to contain the heart of this mountain.

It is believed that within each mountain, it its very center lies a special kind of stone, a perpetually warm precious rock, the heart of the mountain. If one were to dig up this stone, they would become the master of the mountain, being capable of controlling it, what that entails depends on your imagination really, volcanic eruptions, throwing avalanches upon your foes or even moving the rocks aside to create halls into the mountain. Perhaps this was a hole that was created to get into the center of this mountain, but something happened, something made them bar this tunnel. Or perhaps, beyond those stones, lies a city inside this mountain, in perpetual darkness until someone comes along who is able to move the rocks aside and unearth the ancient albino architecture.

But that still wont quite explain the bars, it could entirely be possible that someone was kept here, but who or what could be so dangerous or unwanted as to be held in such a remote place?"