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The fortunate and infamous [commission]


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Master thief. An exposed member of the upper class. Treasure and trinkets are his game and nothing is ever enough. Quick to please and disappear, his ability to weave and please around the upper crust will do him no favors in a place where etiquette is drowned by survival.

Noble scion. Attracted by power, to rule and empower. Power, however, proved to be elusive, so he glimpsed the esoteric and unearthly to grasp it. The wise men know he will return either a tyrant or in a coffin, but hope still lingers there is a good ending to this tale.

Master tracker. A legend in his own right, but the ashlands is a place that cares not for titles, its people conniving and desperate. Is his mind still sharp, or has he gotten too used to his position? After all, what good is a tracker if the horrors readily seek you out?

The sword. The weight of her past will not break their resolve. The ashlands are another challenge to throw herself blindly into, whatever to keep her from the past. Will she find what she's looking for, or will she see a reflection of herself in the ashen wastes?

The astronomer. An interpreter of the stars, the stars tell him to go ever deeper. They are resolute in their objective to find a way to heal their people. If he learns how to repair people, he will surely become keenly aware of how to destroy them too.