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No exit

"Urban exploration is fascinating. Especially it is exciting at night or in dark places where light doesn't reach. Everything feels so threatening, you shine your flashlight up at the ceiling of this large warehouse and all you can see is the light hitting pipes and scaffolding above you and nothing else, it seems like the things are just hanging or floating in endless darkness. In fact, everything feels like it is connected to nothing, the only thing that you can know to exist being the things where your light hits. Corridors, which are such a normal thing in everyday life become quite dreadful, you don't know how far they go and the ones which have no features on their walls are especially unnerving, making you anxiously wait for something unusual or sudden to appear from the darkness. Which makes sudden sounds so terrifying, bangs and clangs, you could rationalize that they are just normal sounds in an decrepit structure that is rusting, shifting under its own weight and falling apart, but the mind always jumps to the conclusion that it must be something moving in the dark that caused the sounds, must be a carry over from the days when we would sit silent in the forests and jungles, clutching our spear and straining to find any sounds that would inform us of something dangerous behind the trees and leaves. You never want to run immediately in situations like this, as you want to get information and not give it away, if you move first, the potential danger now knows where you are, but if they move first, you know where they are. However the problem with that is that you may not know if the danger has seen you, in which case running would be the wisest option.

Doubling back to the exit is probably more terrifying than going into the buildings, you are now exposing your back to all the unknowns of the place and at the back of your mind is that constant urge to take a look back, someone or something is behind you! But the more you let that part of your mind take over, the more you become incapacitated by the fear. Your heart pumping so hard that your vision seems to almost throb, the shadows move and at the edges of your vision you can almost swear that that shadow in particular seems like some kind of a being before disappearing away into the darkness.

At the exit the tail lights of a car shine into the pipe, well someone certainly was in there, but you thankfully never bumped into them. Taking one glance back into the dark pipe and shining a flashlight into the darkness there is nothing behind, and probably never was. However, in terror you realize that, something had made it to the exit before you as a shape lunges at you from the shadows."