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Wandering glaciers

"Here in the shadows of the might of the dragons ridge mountains the glaciers move and live with the seasons. One lonely construct reveals itself from in between the wandering giants, the last remnant of possibly someone who thought of making home here. Who could have ever felt like a place like this would have been a good place to live? Perhaps they were an exile who had no other option than living here with the glaciers, in a landscape ever changing, confusing the mind, until some day they'd find their home pressured in between slabs of ice, trapped while slowly being crushed. As I get closer remains of old furniture and belongings scatter the ground, among them there is a single dragonoid, frozen and long dead, clutching a small wooden idol which often are made by parents to their children. I decided to take a few moments to carve a gravestone for them from some of the wooden scrap lying about."