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General Granis

"In the northern region of the area northern dragonoids inhabit lies and old abandoned settlement that was used as a type of a guard station. The area far north known as glacialisa is home to some of the more dangerous creatures known in Avara, some of these creatures sometimes wander south looking for food after harsh winters. The settlement had long ago decayed and sunk to the ground after having been built on such poor grounding however its bell tower still rises from the landscape.

Granis himself is not actually a general, but that is a surname some have given to him as he leads an armed group of dragonoids larger than an ordinary group of mercenaries. It would be more apt to call them hunters rather than mercenaries as what they most of the time is not any of the sentient races that live in Avara. Instead they hunt the beasts that linger near the bordering area of glacialisa. The distant echo of the old bell signifies the beginning of each hunt."