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Pleading statues

"The albinos were no strangers to slaves. Many of those who ended up in this unenviable position were criminals or other undesirables, what that meant would vary depending on who you asked. Of course slaves would not always conform to their position and would become rather unruly, lashing out to those who called them their owners. For them, the frigid expanses of the north awaited. Long gangs of chained up slaves would travel up north through a highway, formed by the pounding of thousands of feet heading northward, but rarely towards south.

These statues were erected as a sort of sign to state to those who have come this far may pray all they wish, but it wont do them any good, much like the ebony goliaths, frost building on their exterior, hands clasped together and looking towards the south, as if to plead for mercy from those who sent them there. mercy rarely came from the south however, and the slaves were sent to this frigid waste to waste away themselves.