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Varii and Luvii

"Sons of Ilmatar, Varii And Luvii, they who sculpt and paint the clouds. Who were born from Aarni and Ilmatar, when the first of the giant trees Aarni reached up and touched Ilmatar in the skies. Before they were born, all of nature was gray and without color. It was Varii who brought the colors to the evening and morning skies and painted the cover of the earth with his vivid colors. As the colors of the sky leaked down into the earth of Alluvia, from it the plants and nature gained its colors. Luvii is the one who sculpts the clouds into their shapes, from these shapes came the shapes of all of nature and everything else that is yet to come.

As fickle artists, their work is woefully temporary as they seek to find new innovations and destroying the old, abandoning their old works before they have the chance to become anything. While other gods were finished with their creation, Varii and Luvii continue to toil endlessly, forever creating, trying to find flawless perfection in their work."