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"Do you enjoy stories?

Our lives are unfortunately very scattered and finding that red line can sometimes be bit difficult. Not to mention all the blunders and trauma that happens along the way, things we'd wish we could forget. As it stands, according to our market research, people are more eager to forget rather than to remember. After all, those who have experimented with near infinite memory have more or less become irrecoverably insane, irrelevant memories and knowledge clogging up their minds, unable to discard any irrelevant information. Not to mention, people with memory enhancements find themselves terribly frustrated with any entertainment they try to enjoy, with such a vast memory and pool of experience to draw from, all entertainment feels so derivative. Forgetting after all, it seems, to be more desirable than we have realized before.

Which is where our company comes in, we offer safe and reliable memory removal to our clients. Occasional memory removal has proven to have excellent effects on motivation, sleep quality and enjoyment of life. Our methods are graded at a law enforcement level, meaning, memories are truly removed and not just merely suppressed. To avoid leaving blank spots in your memory, we also can inject new memories into the place of the old ones, as we have found that large gaps in ones memory tend to cause alarm and discomfort in our clients.

Of course, the service which we provide is an expensive premium procedure, however we also provide a free package as well, for those who are more money conscious. This free service is provided by our changing list of benefactors (Who remain anonymous appealing to the affordable water act 21.4.b). By agreeing to the terms set by our sponsors, you not only agree to have your emotions changed, but also have sponsored memories implanted and also, memories that which you did not agree to be removed, replaced and/or removed. We must disclose that in some clients this has caused severe and/or irrecoverable disassociation with their sense of self and place. We are not allowed to disclose which sponsored memories are included in your package. Your memory of the procedure will also be removed to avoid any feeling of disassociation which may occur right after the operation.

Thank you for choosing us as your memory removal service provider." ko-fi subscribe or tip to my kofi for exclusive content!