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Neo alluvian fashion

"The background flickered as the disturber walked in the room. 'They need you on stage in 5 minutes', can't a man even enjoy their breaktime in peace anymore. As the door closed behind them, the ambiance of the dusk time beach returned and the hub-bub of the gray corridor beyond the door disappeared. But by now, the illusion he had worked to immerse himself into was already lost. The caffeinated beverage and the cigarette tasted dull and the sunset felt fake. If he focused on it hard enough, he could see the slight shimmering such screens so often had if they were cheaply made. He dismissed the cigarette and drink onto the floor and he watched them as they fell beneath the digital cliff edge and finally into the ocean. Placing his hands onto his knees he stared absent mindedly into the horizon, with no particular thoughts in his head except the slight anxiety that seemed to be so pervasive and impossible to escape.

There was a knock on the door, "1 minute champ." With a sigh he got up and the landscape began to disappear behind him, someone else slipped into the room after he got through the doorway, he could hear horses and ducks in the room before they too vanished into the almost panic like clamoring and rushing about occurring in the hallway. It was time to get on the stage, several of the makeup people and designers circled him and stared him up and down, giving pondering hums and approving nods while he made his way to the steps leading to the stage."