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Crackling skies

"Within moments the sky has changed to a dance of colors and light, just like that. If I didn't notice the color of the snow below my feet change maybe I wouldn't have even noticed them beginning to form above me, these long curtains of colors waving from the unknown vastness of the north. Some believe the far north, also know as Glacialisia, is the home of some of the gods, and at the very northermost edge of our world lies a giant mountain, leading to the realm of the gods and deities. The only issue there is that nobody, apart from fables, has ever ventured there and back, the trek to Glacialisia and through it being some of the most treacherous terrain known to us. There one can find huge shifting glaciers that are in constant motion and giant cracks in the earth where to the glaciers will sometimes fall into, sending anyone unfortunate enough to be on top of one to their doom. It would be easy to get the sensation there that the land itself resists the wanderer, seeking to throw them off course. It is not just the land that is trying to stop you, Glacialisia is also home to monsters, a fact that is all too familiar to those who live near the edge of the far north, and sometimes these monsters wander out from their lands and into ours. People like my father tried to find the source of them, or at least stem the flow of them into our homes, but I don't know if it is possible. Perhaps, in a way, one could think that they are just another obstacle for those who seek to find their way to the land of the gods. And that is what the aurora above seem to be guiding me towards, back north and into the deep expanses of the land of the glaciers."