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Ilmatar, goddess of the clouds

"Ilmatar, the goddess of the clouds, things that fly and sometimes the gatekeeper. She has always had a complicated relationship with Ukko and it is not wrong to say they got started on the wrong foot. In a time when the sun and the moon were still, Ilmatar had lived on the side of Alluvia which Ukko's sun did not light and instead was lit by Umi's moon. One day she did wander to the side where the sun shone, when Ukko saw this, he was furious, how dare she cloud the rays of his sun! In a fit of rage, he slashed Ilmatar several times with a blade made of sunlight, leaving permanent scars on her form. From these scars lighting was born, and sometimes the sunlight which was now trapped in her is released in bursts that we know as lightning storms, accompanied by her cries of agony which she cried when Ukko struck her. However, due to her shifting form, Ukko was never able to strike her down permanently and he was forced to accept a cold relationship with her, allowing her to exist and therefore occasionally blocking out his glorious sun.

She is often seen as a gatekeeker between things light and dark, celestial and grounded, tangible and intangible. Therefore she is often seen to making amends on behalf of other gods and being a messenger between them."