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The fetid basin terrarium map

Terrarium maps are created by master craftsmen and are often used for weather forecasting and rarely as mobile maps, due to their fragility and weight.

This is a terrarium map showing the fetid basin, a large continuous swamp that spawned from the vomit of a god (1). A popular vacation destination for those who have little to lose and big ambitions.

To arrive to the basin, one is likely to travel through Laqua. A large verdant city, a PROPER city, one with names for streets and numbers for houses. This is the headquarters for any adventure to the basin. From there one will want to look to the east or west.

To the east one will find a large marble mining colony. Despite being primarily for mining, there are bunk spots one can rent and soup kitchens where food can be obtained for a coin or two. This is the more difficult path to the basin, however, but it is also one far less used and that may be beneficial and of interest for treasure hunters who do not aim to go to the darkest parts of the basin. From here one can also make an attempt for the east pass. An overgrown passage to the northern territories through the burning forest, a dangerous and demanding task.

One traveling north should use the 'skull hollow' (2) as a landmark. When moving northwards, one way skirt along the edge of the burning forest (3) and should take note not to venture into it, or they may encounter aberrations (4), terrible, grotesque afflicted werewolves that are incredibly hostile.

Once one has passed the hollow and the burning forest, they must traverse through the nesting grounds of the larvalids (5), hideous masses of larvae which take over their victims and turn them into their hosts. Along the way one must pass through the pits. Large holes in the swamp into which water disappears from the rivers flowing the basin. Traveling via boat is difficult not just because many rivers turn to bogs, but also one may easily fall into one of these pits, never to be seen again as they plunge into the underground rivers.

Traveling once again from Laqua, but this time westwards. There one will first come across the Vault of Boqias (6), on your way here you are bound to come across many scholars, students and scientifically minded individuals going the same way. One would do well to stop by the vault even if it is just to admire it, as it is right along the path to Marshdeep. If one continues west from here you will miss the basin, and soon will see the grand white citadel rock (7), monument that signified the extent of the albino empire. Further west, and you will end up in Lanway along the coastline (8).

Move north and you will find Marshdeep. a dilapidated small settlement. Most structures here aren't permanent, though there is a cabin or two, owned by the few permanent residents living here. Essentially all who come here are treasure hunters, researchers and/or gatherers of special plants, so expect any supplies to be sold here to be extremely expensive, they know it is not in their interest to create a long lasting, friendly customer relationship. If you have come this far, you are likely to be heading to the fallen kingdom (9) to loot it, or you could be a foolhardy explorer, trying to reach the source, a point in the basin which nobody has seen or been to, but from which a faint light can be seen shining, if one looks towards it during a clear night, a rare treat in the basin that is enshrouded in an almost permanent veil of fog.

Within the fallen kingdom rules the green mass (10), creatures made of green slime, converting their captives into more of their kind. You wouldn't be the first adventurer to join their ranks if you are caught, and definitely not the last either.

Now, you may be thinking, all of these options seem terrible. Why not take a boat from Laqua? One can find boats that ferry you all the way to gutlake, but will stop at the inspectors folly, an old, abandoned ramshackle hut that marks the beginning of the "maze", the part of the river system that is impossible to navigate and where one false move can cause your boat to be dragged into one of the pits that lead to the underground rivers.

Approaching from the north, climbing down from the dragons teeth range is another method some have suggested. But the mute mountains (11) make navigating that part of the range very difficult. This part of the range is riddled with gas vents that pump out plumes of smoke and mist into the air. Here it is common that the most important navigational tools are your hands instead of your eyes.

If you are heading to the basin, I would be interested in sponsoring your trip. But only if you are heading farther than the fallen kingdom. I would like for you to retrieve a few samples of some of the more exotic flora there. We can discuss that further at dinner.