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Parsitoid behemoth

"The fighting was going well against the parasitoids as it had become contained into the wide hallway of the tunnel connecting the cargo storage to the hangar. Whatever it was throwing at us, we were able to take care of with regular heavy infantry weapons. But when we heard an enormous howl come from the dark dank depths we knew something bigger was coming. It appeared suddenly from the dark from behind the ranks of the smaller monsters and stood at least at the height of four meters, its terrible size absorbed all the firepower that we threw at it and the best we had was only able to slow its gallop down slightly before it smashed into us and allowed the other monsters to break into our ranks, and after the parasites were able to get into close range, the fight at that point was all but lost. Most of us dispersed as chaos ensued, and those who didn't, would not last for long. It is but a miracle that a handful of us were able to escape and evacuate."