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Farloth, the avatar

" According to legend Farloth was the father of the Sakia brothers, who were executed in the capital as spies. Once this knowledge reached him in the outer regions, he left his position as a blacksmith and joined one of the many warbands heading to the capital for war. There he became consumed by his anger and it is said that he became an avatar of both Ukko and Perkele, and is the only known person to ever have become an avatar of two dragons. It is said that his fiery presence could destroy the nether itself when it came into his presence. It is likely that it was he who caused the end of the war of the albino dragonoids when he and several other farlanders charged the citadel of Slenasea. Nobody knows for sure what happened inside the citadel on that final day of the albino dragonoids, as what followed was an implosion that would wipe the entire capital region off of the face of Alluvia. "