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"Today I was startled by a sudden boom a voice out of nowhere, like the voice of a god addressing its mortal subjects. The voice was mocking me too until I noticed the two tiny figures waving at me atop a nearby hill. The two musicians invited me to listen to their music which was a treat, the valley serving to amplify the sounds they made, the other would hum and click into the giant instrument while the other one clapped a few stones together to form a beat. A flock of skylickers flew above, sounding their approving, or perhaps disapproving, screeches which the musicians flawlessly integrated into their tune. I was curious about the instrument and how they had made it, to which they revealed that they had got it from a passing southerner, apparently a geologist or a map maker, as the instrument was originally used for measuring distances with sound. However the musicians much preferred to use it for their artistic purposes. I offered them cups of herbal tea and after that I set off again, startled once more by the sudden boom of their voice from behind me as they laughed and continued on with their melodies."