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"A loud splash emanated through the tunnels. *S* jumped down onto the tunnel floor from the staircase which led into a T-junction within the tunnels. Their flashlight scanning throughout the walls and the two different pathways as *C* came up from behind them and walked into the beam of light their face angled downwards and staring at their tablet device. Tapping through the screen a few times *C* looked around the two tunnels. The other one was seemingly fenced off before, but the fence had been torn apart, the other one extended into misty darkness with various small vehicles scattered throughout it. *C* taps on their tablet a few times before heading towards the tunnel without the fence. Hesitating slightly, *R* shuts the door behind them and jumps down into the tunnel, taking their place in between the two others as they walk through the darkness..." You can find the full story here: