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- You know this is collusion and insider trading, right? Not to mention a monopoly.
- Thank you. Your realm of concern is ecology, and I have heard your advise, I don't need to hear more from you.
- While they wont be able to try you for what your company has done to the environment, they WILL try you for crimes in their economy.
- And with what army will that be? And with what PR? Everyone needs water, and without me their people will die of thirst, or have to get their water from someone else... at less competitive prices.
- Besides, if they decide to coup me, the rest of the organizations wont like that, and the government knows it, you work for them, you know them, you guys work for us and we will all be happier if you don't muddy our relationships, imagine the riots on the streets when the mud pumps are taken offline and people begin to die of dehydration, that is blood on the governments hands right there. We wouldn't want that.
- I do not exactly see it the way you see it, that is abuse of power and status in the market, we have laws because of situations like this.
- Well, that is where we diverge then. What is a law if you are too weak to enforce it, it is like a lizard trying to tell a dragon what to do and how to behave. While the dragon is content in letting the puny lizard think they are in control, the dragon will bite the lizard in half if they get too overconfident in their abilities. I will let you consider which of us is the dragon. Now, let's go view the new Yandor nutrient dissolver farm, I need to see myself how much that will increase the water demand on our population. subscribe or tip to my kofi for exclusive content!