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Birth of the dragonoids, or The death of Kuvi

"Before the dragonoids, there existed few gods. The great ones, Ukko and Umi, the gods of the sun and moon. And the meek one, Kalma, the god of nothing, for there was no death. All the elements were in place in the world that exist now, but to us, it would have been incomprehensible chaos. The sun would shine, but lightning and rain would pour down, the seas would bubble and boil as waves of lava washed over the clouds, and in a moment all of it would cease and some other manner of insanity would begin, just like that. Things would begin and end within the blink of an eye, a mountain would rise up before you, and in an instant it would crumble back down.

Behind all of this was a god whose origins are not known, but who likely was created alongside Ukko, Umi from the corpse of Kass, the dreamer and the creator. Unlike it's siblings who were created stagnant, without the ability to imagine and dream a world that is different or without them, Kuvi became the god of the imagination and the imaginative, the mad oracle as some would have it. They were a god who could not imagine a world as it is, but one that is ever changing and all the wondrous things that could be birthed from it.

It was then inevitable that Kuvi would imagine something that would destroy himself, Kuvi imagined their own death. The idea that germinated within them was now also available to Kuvi's siblings to think. They would then conspire to slay Kuvi, and with a great blade made of sunlight Ukko stabbed Kuvi to death. With a giant crash Kuvi's corpse fell into the ocean as the world became still, the chaos had ceased. Eventually the only thing that moved was the sun, moon and its stars circling in the sky. For centuries the corpse of Kuvi laid on the shores until lesser gods began to sprout from it, the goddess of the clouds, the god of the sea, the god of the forests and so on. Finally, as Kuvi's corpse was almost entirely reduced to a skeleton, from the maw and through the blood soaked spittle of the former god crawled a meek, tiny figure. blindly seeking its way onto land, shivering and terrified it curled up like a fetus onto the sandy shoreline. Confused and afraid, the first of the dragonoids had been born, the last child of Kuvi, the one who inherited their chaos."