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"Initially they remained in the dark and didn't appear during daytime, however some areas and even cities have become so thoroughly taken over, that the creatures have gained enough confidence to show themselves while the sun is still out. They are mostly contained in a relatively small cluster for now, but despite our efforts they have been spreading and new infestations have been showing up during the past two years. Surprisingly, despite the grave situation and the threat the amalgamate poses to all life on the planet, life does go on as normal in most places, only exceptions being areas near the cluster of infestations. It is quite strange to think someone is out there on a beach holiday no more than a few dozen kilometers away, while this thing is here, spreading and avoiding all of our efforts to contain it. it is at times like these, I wonder if this is being talked about enough, or if people got tired of hearing about it after two weeks. Our inability to really conceptualize things and threats that are outside of our view and reach is quite amazing, if you ask me.

Talks about nuclear re-armament have been thrown about in the global councils, but considering how difficult and long of a process nuclear de-arming was, many governments are strictly against the idea, even though such weapons, in the worst case scenario, could prove to be our saving grace, if all efforts of containment fail. I suppose governments are so wary about giving help in the matter because this problem is only on our continent for the time being, and it is not seen as the global threat it is. Thus most governments are mostly paying lip service about aid and the rest are really only giving as little as they can as to still appear like they are helping."