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Forest lodge

"A strange condition affects so many of our kind, a condition of self isolation and hermitry, an aversion to any intimate connection to others. It is common to find other dragonoids out there in the wild all by themselves, and I have seen many of them myself. They build their homes somewhere in the wilderness where they live their lives with barely any connection to others, but even despite this, these people are always warm to the conversations and company of a stranger passing by, making their home available for them as well as any food they have on hand. As many as they are out there, as many a reason they have to being by themselves out there and many are those who really have no reason behind the decision. Many of them provide important resting spots for people traveling certain routes, and others just simply seem to enjoy their own little solitary world, with its long walks in nature and days spent foraging and in the focused states of craftsmanship.

It is perhaps a certain type of melancholy that fills us all that drives us to be solitary, a thing that is perhaps stronger in others. A melancholy which can be felt the strongest when one comes upon one of these homes and finds the sole owner dead and petrified in their bed, clutching something that which was important to them in this world. One can only hope that in the wilderness they found their purpose and with open arms became a part of it again."