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Maahi and his avatar

"The wolfkin are a people who reside in the far north-east of the continent of Alluvia. Their fate is inseparable of the werewolves, and to some, they are one and the same, but in fact, are different. The wolfkin were created after the dragonoids, when Maahi, the forest god, coupled with Umi, the moon goddess, in a moonlit pond in the depths of the archwoods. From this, the wolfkin were born, and from that day onward, the wolfkin have longed to be in the stars with their mother. Due to this special bond that was created between the wolfkin, Maahi and Umi, the wolfkin are favored by both Umi and Maahi. As such, avatars of Maahi oftentimes are picked from the ranks of the wolfkindred. Those who become his avatars are capable of controlling the wilderness and its creatures as well as instilling states of primal fervor, such which is found in maddened werewolves, for instance, upon sapient and non-sapient creatures. The to be avatar of Maahi will be greeted by a white wolf, with yellow and blue eyes, who is Maahi in his wolf form, if some other species would be chosen as the avatar the animal that greets them will be different. Once both of them have accepted the bond, the person becomes Maahi's avatar, recognizable by the wooden horns, their eyes and the subtle silver veins along their body.

The wolfkin are sometimes seen in the lands of the northern dragonoids and they are able to cohabit quite peacefully. The wolfkin are avid studiers of the night sky and freely share this information with dragonoid scholars. However, there is a permanent war between the wolfkin and the humans. It is common belief amongst them that the wolfkin spread the lycanthropy curse and to them the wolfkin and werewolves are the same thing, but with a different name. Though it is not unheard of that wolfkin accept werewolves who have decided to permanently remain in their wolf form. Sometimes they may even help those who wish to control their transformations so they can remain permanently in their wolf form, but they will shun the consumed werewolves, who are unable to control themselves, and who are known to cause most of the damage and carnage associated with werewolves. Due to this, it is impossible for wolfkin to safely traverse human occupied lands without human escorts as they will be lynched on sight, much like any suspected werewolf." ko-fi subscribe or tip to my kofi for exclusive content!