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Detective on scene [YCH]

Finished YCH for Noiratblack

"The jungle" is not a place where detectives are often required, or cops for that matter. But today there is something in the jungle that has even the locals freaked out. An officer on scene writes down the following in his notebook: "The case of the melting man".

The following is a story snippet written by Noiratblack

Being an Investigator in City B4 had its perks, but this crime scene probably was none of them. Close to the Nexus in one of the lower blocks. Statistically 5 Persons lived here on 10 sqm. Eden passed his colleagues and took a look around, careful to not step into the black goo next to him. It looked very much like ink, though the scanners identified it as 'biological'.

"Anyone seen anything?", he asked the guy with the clipboard.

"No, sir. No witnesses or cams."

"And you?", he addressed the medic.

"Not sure. No visible damage as far as I can say, though this stuff makes it not easier."

Eden nodded and squinted his eyes, as he examined the body. It was covered with some sort of liquid. No, he corrected his thoughts. It comes out of him. It oozes out of his mouth and his ... ears? That there were legs, though it seems that thing had three, which is odd enough. Additionally there are more than two arms. That person ... has ... are those tentacles? Yes. And it has more than four limbs. I am not even sure what it is. Though it was strong, damaging the wall like this. Now is that stuff his blood or is it something else? The fluid seemed to move in a slow way, reflecting the light like some sort of oil. Definitively still alive in some way, shape or form. It just doesn't dry like proper blood. He glanced back to the street, his gaze meeting the other security officers for a moment. He could barely smell them over the strong, invasive scent of that strange goo. The streetlights were close to the group, but since it was the middle of the night, not much noise came from there. But he could see the drain and how some of the liquid found its way there. A small stream that managed to run slightly uphill.

Weird. Cannot imagine what smell comes even close. And then the place. Half-public space. No cameras. But one block from the Nexus away. Good place to kill actually ... but that thing has no wounds ... is this a place it chose to die? Why?

Eden was uncertain. He did not like to be uncertain. He did not like scents he could not place. He did not like liquids that contradicted the laws of physics. And he did not like how that goo seemed to slowly creep toward him.

"Get your data and your samples.", he finally said. "Nothing really to do for me here. And then get the Biological Investigation Unit and tell them they need chemicals and their ABC. And then get a fucking flamethrower for the rest."

He turned and walked away to take a look at the drain. He looked into the darkness below the street and had a sudden feeling of dread.