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Turned [commission]

This was a commission that was done for Nimratu !

It was the worst morning.

The recent shortage in staff meant he had been working for not a double shift, but a triple shift at the lab. With his eyes blurry and scales feeling terribly clammy as another delivery came in. The entire day and night new samples and specimens were being delivered to the laboratory. All the manifestos were plastered with stamps such as "URGENT", "TOP SECRET" and "BIOHAZARD". Some of which were not very unusual bits of text to see at his lab, but all of them stamped on a train of manifestos constantly arriving in his lab, that part was unusual.

Something must have happened.

Nim peered inside the microscope one more time to look at this newly arrived sample. Strange, the sample seemed to act like a bacteria or a virus of some description, but on a macro scale. He wiped his dry eyes, was the magnification just off? He zoomed out and in on the sample, no, the magnification was correct. He continued to watch the strange organism multiply itself as it consumed the sugar water on the petri dish. Where did this sample come from anyways? It was plastered with the same bits of urgent and loud text as the previous ones surely. As Nim went to look for the clipboard he noticed that one of his co-workers had now stumbled inside the lab. As he twisted his body towards Nim, he could see black tarry substance oozing from their co-worker's mouth. They lunged at Nim as bubbling gurgling escaped their maw, clumsily throwing their entire weight towards Nim. They both scattered onto the ground, with the crazed co-worker grappling Nim's leg, "What the hell's up with you!", he could see that ichor was not just contained inside their mouth anymore as their claws had now begun to bubble and leak with the ooze. Grabbing anything he could find Nim's hand brushed against a heavy flask which he swung hard against the lab worker. It crashed against their skull, not even shattering from the impact, a large gash left upon their head, from which not blood, but more of that tarry substance began to leak out. They were unfazed. With a sudden surge of power they pulled Nim back towards them, and then something escaped their mouth and something went inside his.

He didn't know how long he had been laying there. He sensed that he was spreading fast inside this structure. He felt new minds and thoughts surge inside him each passing moment as he breathed in the pheromones. He wouldn't remain laying down here any longer, it was time he continued his purpose. Consume the inhabitants of this world.