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Blue crested gliding mountain lizard, or more affectionately known as "skylickers". Named by mountaineers and climbers as such due to their habit of flicking their tongues in the air much like snakes. To the climbers below the gliding lizards it would appear as if the creatures are licking the sky itself. Mostly harmless and known for their aerial acrobatics that they are always very keen to show off to anyone who dares the heights they live at. Usually they will playfully pass climbers and wait atop a ridge on the mountain, staring down at the climbers whilst flicking their tongues in the air. After the climber would reach the gliding lizard it would leap into the air and graciously zip across the sky among the winds that blow high up in the air. Seeing one show their aerial prowess is certainly worth the climb for most people and a welcome encounter to those who do not even expect them in the cold and lonely mountaintops.